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What to Look for when Choosing a Landscape Lighting Expert

You've done everything to make your home and landscape look appealing and aesthetically pleasing. You're now thinking of having outdoor lighting installed, that will illuminate your landscaping, to provide security, as well as an attractive looking yard or business.


When it comes to looking for a landscape lighting expert, there are some key things that will help you make the best decision for your budget, needs, and desires for your property. But first, ask yourself some questions.

  1. What is my sole purpose for having outdoor lighting installed? Maybe it's time for an updated look that includes enhancing water features or a flower garden. Maybe you would like landscape lighting for security, such as pathway or patio lighting.
  2. What are my budget needs for outdoor lighting? It's important to budget for landscape lighting; but keep in mind that you want the best, and companies may give you the most affordable option but not necessarily the best quality.
  3. What type of look am I aiming for? Do you just want a few LED down lights for bushes and trees, or pathway lighting to illuminate your homes entrance? Here are some other purposes you may not have thought of to help clarify your needs or wants in landscape lighting and in which Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah can offer.


Purposes for having outdoor lighting installed

There may be a number of reasons why you're considering having outdoor lighting installed, which include:

  • Commercial security lighting: Whether you have a small or large business property, chances are, you haven't looked into landscape lighting to help detract from potential criminal activity. If you own a small business property and travel often, you may want the added safety and security landscape lighting can do for your business.


  • Curb appeal: You know the saying, "Location, location, location," when either leasing or selling a home or other real-estate, but that also goes for landscaping. You may want a beautiful landscape that is illuminated by low-voltage LED lights. You may also want a few reflecting pool lights or other lights for a water feature. Maybe you have dark lit stairs and you're looking for some path lighting. Or maybe you're hosting your daughter's wedding and would like some beautiful patio or bistro lighting. Whatever lighting you're looking for, Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah can help you design, plan and execute the installation of those lights. When you contact Landscape Lighting Pro, we will come out to your property and do an assessment taking note of your needs and desires.


  • Water features: If you have a pool, pond, or other water feature, you may want an outdoor lighting expert to design and install reflecting LED lights that not only enhance but give off a soft glow. At Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah they can show you what would look best, giving you the highest quality and installation available.


  • Pathway lighting: If you're a guest at someone's party or just visiting a friend or loved one at night, or if you own a home with frequent visitors, safety and security is most likely a big priority to you. Landscape pathway lighting ensures your safety, as well as other's safety.


Key things to look for when choosing a Landscape Lighting expert

Just as you would do your research on buying a home, you also need to do research on choosing a landscape lighting expert that not only knows the logistics of installing lights, but also how to make them look good, or how to give you the best security. When researching, make sure that your lighting expert has a warranty for the lights installed. Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah has assured a lifetime warranty on their work. They are not only there from the inception, but through to the end and beyond. They want your home to look as good as you envisioned it, for your landscape to be the centerpiece of your property, and for you to pride yourself on a beautiful landscape.

Also, when you are choosing a landscape lighting expert, ensure the team is not only skilled, but artistic in what they do with your property. You want someone who is not only experienced but creative in their endeavors to beautify your home with illumination. Another thing to look out for or to research is how well they know, not only their products, but the things to look for when installing outdoor lighting. They should know about light pollution and strive to reduce it as much as possible. They should know about what types of lighting go with plants and vegetation, as well as for water features and bushes and trees. You should also research their experience on outdoor lighting, including an estimate of how many residential and commercial businesses they have serviced. A website that showcases their work is essential to give you an idea of not only their services, but testimonials, blog posts, and of course, what they offer.



Last but not least, you should talk to people who have worked with them. People who have had a successful experience will refer their friends and family to the company. Case in point: Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah has been referred by clients who were more than satisfied with their work. This is the true test of any professional, whether the work is good enough to refer to other people.


Remember that you want the best for your property, whether it be for security purposes, that may include pathway lighting or spotlighting, or if you're looking for mood lighting, for summertime outdoor living.

Contact Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah at 801-440-7647 or simply fill out the form on our website at for a free consultation, and let our landscape lighting expertise work for you.


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