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Why Choosing Landscape Lighting Fixtures Really Comes Down to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

A smart shopper understands that the cheapest product, while affordable, isn't always going to be the best choice. This couldn't be truer than when choosing the light fixture that will become a part of your home's landscape. While many fixtures may look alluring, with their intricate designs or cheap price tags, there are certain unseen qualities to consider before having one installed.


Consider what material it's made of. In order to withstand the test of time, strong durable materials and components should be used. Though aluminum fixtures may seem robust enough when they first come out of the box, it only takes a year or two in natural outdoor conditions to see how quickly they will erode, bend, and give way to the elements. Plastic and composite fixtures will also break down quickly and leave themselves in constant disrepair. Brass and copper fixtures, on the other hand, have been proven again and again to stand up to the erosive nature of being submitted to the elements (just look at how long the statue of liberty has been around).


The strength and durability of the fixture, however, doesn't just end with the materials that were used to build it. A fixture's strength also comes down to how well it is engineered. Water has a way of figuring out how to cause damage by getting into places it shouldn't. A fixture's housing needs to be designed to completely seal its internal components away from sprinklers, rain, and ice. Moisture is always the enemy; your outdoor lighting fixtures needs to be designed with that exact mentality.


When a fixture is poorly engineered, it won't matter if it's made of titanium - it will eventually fail. This is why it's just as important to consider the parts of the fixture that aren't seen , as the parts that are. Cheap fixtures come with poorly made internal sockets and wiring. Not only are these internal materials more exposed to the elements, they are also more likely to rust and eventually allow water to enter the rest of the system.


A good lighting designer will know that the best landscape lighting fixture for their client is the one that will continue to work long after the inferior options stop. If you have doubts about the fixtures being installed by your lighting designer, hold it in your own hands and look it over for yourself. A professional lighting designer won't hand you a catalog and expect you to choose a fixture, they will hand you an example of the actual fixture they think will provide you with a solution for your lighting needs.

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