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Why Your Landscape Lighting System Needs Annual Maintenance Service

We like to compare your Landscape Lighting system to your vehicle in terms of the maintenance it requires. If you don't change the oil in your car or replace burnt spark plugs, you'll be experiencing trouble in no time. This goes for your Landscape Lighting system as well, both need regular maintenance to assure they continue to operate at its best. 

If your Outdoor Lighting system is regularly maintained with simple adjustments and up keep, they will continue to provide beauty and functionality for years to come. We like to think of it as an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure.


What needs maintenance & why 


Although LED bulbs have a longer lifespan and more advanced technology than halogen bulbs. They can still fail prematurely. Our LED bulbs come with a 5 year warranty. It's still important to regularly check and replace any faulty or failing bulbs.

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How are your fixtures looking overall?

Are your fixtures still aligned correctly? Overtime your fixtures will move whether from natural elements such as frost lift, plant root growth and high traffic areas. These adjustments will assure the light is targeting the intended area. 

Lights looking a dim? Fixture lenses need cleaning to remove dirt, grime and mineral build up. Clean Lenses keep your lights shining as bright as the day they were installed. 

Overgrown vegetation? Overtime, your fixtures may be obstructed by your ever growing greenery. Trimming and pruning vegetation will keep a clear path for the light to travel. 


Transformer / Power center

Transformer: check wire terminal blocks to assure tightness to prevent failure and arcing.

Astronomical Timer: Are your lights coming on and turning off at the correct time? Overtime your timer may need to be adjusted to ensure it's working at the desired times. 

Exposed Wires: Generally when wires are buried correctly you don't typically have them resurface. However, overtime they may resurface depending on growing roots and the frost lift.

We suggest having your Landscape Lighting system serviced yearly by a Professional Landscape Lighting expert. They'll go over the entire system and make sure it performs the same as the day it was installed. 


At Landscape Lighting Pro, the art of outdoor illumination is a real passion we work to perfect. Designing elegantly bespoke landscape lighting systems is simply all we do. For nearly 20 years, our award winning team of designers and craftsmen have striven to bring the best outdoor lighting experience possible to people's homes and businesses across the Wasatch Front & beyond. 

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