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Didn't purchase your system through us? We can repair and maintain most landscape lighting systems, regardless of who installed it.


To ensure trouble free use of your lighting system, periodic maintenance is recommended. Over time, fixtures may need to be cleaned and adjusted, plant material surrounding may become overgrown and bulbs may diminish and fail. Landscape Lighting Pro's Annual Service Agreement will ensure a year without interruptions and operate at an optimum level throughout the next year.

Why annual service?

  • Worry free operation of your lighting system
  • Light bulbs have an average lamp life of 12-15 months
  • Dirty fixtures and old bulbs diminish in brightness
  • Failed lamps often go unnoticed
  • Improper replacement of the correct light bulb can result in blown fuses

What is included in the service agreement?

  • Landscape Lighting Pro will visit your property once annually to replace all light bulbs with the proper replacements
  • Re-adjust and clean fixtures
  • Trimming and maintaining vegetation to assure proper light beam spread
  • Re-bury exposed wire if needed
  • Inspect transformer and reset timer/control

What is the cost for annual service?

  • There is an hourly charge for service, plus the cost of the light bulbs

What guarantee do I have?

  • All light bulbs are guaranteed for one year after service, and will be replaced free of charge should they fail
  • Without Annual Service you are charged 1 full hour minimum plus bulb cost for each visit. There is no guarantee with this service.

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