Landscape lighting installation

We want to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces after dark as quickly as possible.

As soon as you’ve approved your custom landscape lighting proposal, we’ll work with you to schedule your installation within a few weeks. Most installations take only a few days.

In the meantime, invite your friends over — and get ready to spend a lot more time outdoors.

Services - Installation - What to expect

Installation: what to expect

Landscape Lighting Pro’s installers work rain or shine, between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Our experienced, meticulous crews will ensure minimal disruption of your existing landscape. Before our trucks leave on the last day, we’ll double check our work to ensure…

  • You understand how your lighting system operates
  • All automated timers and controls are programmed to your specifications

The next business day, we’ll follow up to make sure everything’s working — and that you’re thrilled with how everything looks.

See something that needs an adjustment? You’ve got an entire year of post-installation support to make sure everything is operational! (And we have a service team dedicated to quickly responding to all future maintenance requests, should any trouble arise!)


Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah’s preferred fixtures

We’ve vetted thousands of models to curate a selection of landscape lighting fixtures that are built to last a lifetime.

And we back those fixtures with a limited lifetime warranty!

Should one of our fixtures fail to operate for any reason other than lamp burn-out, we will repair or replace it with no product charge (however, on-site labor cost will apply on all repairs or replacements after the first year of installation).

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See our work

Looking for some design inspiration? Check out some of the featured
projects from our photo gallery.


My outdoor-living space is truly a living room. It's a calming, relaxing, beautiful, serene place to be — you can't not want to be out there.

— Lee Anne (Mill Creek, UT)

Lee Anne (Mill Creek, UT)

Our lighting is fabulous, but three years later, our happiness has everything to do with customer service. We know that any product we get from Landscape Lighting Pro will come with the support we need.

 — Kristy (Sandy, UT)

Kristy (Sandy, UT)

Everywhere I look there is something more interesting: depth here, dimension there. My wife and I have traveled and been to a lot of resorts, but our favorite place is just outside our back door.

— Jon (Sandy, UT)

Jon (Sandy, UT)

We love the atmosphere and beauty our outdoor lighting has given our landscape. Keith is true to his word! The yard is gorgeous, and he will come immediately to fix any problem.

— Judi (Sandy, UT)


Service is where Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah really distinguishes itself. The crew responds quickly when we have a light burn out or when the timer needs adjusting. Any problem is taken care of promptly and correctly.

— Jim (Sandy, UT)

Jim (Sandy, UT)