Landscape lighting maintenance

We offer maintenance services for most landscape lighting systems.

For systems not designed and installed by Landscape Lighting Pro, we may require an on-site consultation — we’ll happily give you our professional opinion as to whether you should repair or replace.

Contact Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah today to discuss maintenance for your existing outdoor lighting system.


My outdoor-living space is truly a living room. It's a calming, relaxing, beautiful, serene place to be — you can't not want to be out there.

— Lee Anne (Mill Creek, UT)

Lee Anne (Mill Creek, UT)

Our lighting is fabulous, but three years later, our happiness has everything to do with customer service. We know that any product we get from Landscape Lighting Pro will come with the support we need.

 — Kristy (Sandy, UT)

Kristy (Sandy, UT)

Everywhere I look there is something more interesting: depth here, dimension there. My wife and I have traveled and been to a lot of resorts, but our favorite place is just outside our back door.

— Jon (Sandy, UT)

Jon (Sandy, UT)

We love the atmosphere and beauty our outdoor lighting has given our landscape. Keith is true to his word! The yard is gorgeous, and he will come immediately to fix any problem.

— Judi (Sandy, UT)


Service is where Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah really distinguishes itself. The crew responds quickly when we have a light burn out or when the timer needs adjusting. Any problem is taken care of promptly and correctly.

— Jim (Sandy, UT)

Jim (Sandy, UT)
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Our annual maintenance services

Even the best lighting systems are constantly at war with the elements.

For systems designed and installed by Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah, we offer annual service to extend the life of your outdoor lighting.

This service will ensure another year free from unexpected nights stuck inside when you’d rather be enjoying your outdoor space.

Why annual service?

  • You should be able to enjoy your lighting system worry-free!
  • Poorly maintained systems have a shorter life span
  • Failing lamps often go unnoticed
  • Overgrown vegetation can block fixtures
  • Dirty fixtures and old bulbs diminish in brightness
  • Using the wrong bulbs can damage your entire system

What's included in annual service?

  • Inspect all LED bulbs for diminished operation/failure, replace
    under warranty (all LED bulbs are guaranteed for five years after installation)
  • Readjust and clean fixtures, including lenses
  • Trim and maintain plants around fixtures for proper light spread
  • Re-bury exposed wires, if necessary
  • Inspect transformer and reset timers and controls, as needed

What is the cost for annual service?

Beginning at $249

Annual service begins at $249 for up to two man-hours of service (plus the cost of all materials not under warranty) — most systems are easily covered under this.

Additional labor

Additional labor is billed at $109/man-hour (in 15-minute increments), plus materials, for service exceeding two man-hours.

For larger systems

Larger (or neglected) systems can require additional attention — cost varies depending on specifications, size, and needs.

Limited lifetime warranty

We back all of our work with a written limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.

Should a preferred Landscape Lighting Pro fixture fail to operate for any reason other than lamp burn-out, we will repair or replace it with no product charge (however, on-site labor cost will apply on all repairs or replacements after the first year of installation).

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